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Real Estate Training – with Million Dollar Real Estate Coach – Glenn Twiddle

Just finished your Real Estate Course? Or a seasoned Real Estate agent looking to get more listings, more sales and in turn, more commissions?

You’ve come to the right place. In a world where there seems to be as many Real Estate Coaches as there are real estate agents, it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose a trainer who is right for you. I mean, it’s now just as hard for you to cut through the clutter in your life as it has been for your clients for many years now.

You know the task at hand for you has always to been to get through the myriad of marketing junk in your clients lives to get them to know like and trust you as a real estate agent. And what marketing weapons did you use for that unenviable task?

  • A tired worn out sales letter offering a free appraisal ?
  • A flyer, even more tired and worn out (with a waldorf salad recipe on the back) DL flyer that did NOT even get glanced at amongst the Woolies catalogue and the Dominos Pizza vouchers.
  • You cold called til you were blue in the face and got rejected 98 out of 100 times. Yes it worked, it worked just enough to torture you to (real estate business) death.
  • You door knocked in the swealtering heat, or bitter cold, and again, got a slightly less painful rejection rate, because it’s a little harder for them to be rude face to face, but still you spent all day, spoke to 20 people, knocked on 50 doors of people who weren’t home, and got ZERO listings.

Surely there’s got to be a better way to ‘Tame this Real Estate Beast !! Yup, Glenn Twiddle is that way. (I love speaking about myself in the third person like ‘The Rock !!’ haha)

Just as I somehow managed to cut through the 6923869823798724 marketing messages in your life, and somehow manage to get you to this site to check me out, I wasn’t born with these skills. I learned them !!

And because I am no Rhodes Scholar (I don’t even know what a Rhodes Scholar is), it isn’t that hard. It’s mastering a few simple marketing ideas, and implementing them in the right order, saying the right things.

Many of my clients, including countless #1 agents in their areas, seven figure earning agents, leading agents in their brand, have successfully duplicated the skills I taught them, and are now living real estate business lives they got into the industry for in the first place.

Have a look at the ‘OVERWHELMING PROOF’ tab for a very, very, VERY long list of people raving about how much I helped them and what results they achieved. You know what, with names like Chris Gilmour, Mat Steinwede, Aaron Shiner, Michael Spillane, Andrew Reibelt and the list goes on, but with those legends on the list, frankly, I don’t have enough money to have bribed them all into saying those things. They mean what they say !

So I say, welcome to this site, please look around, avail yourself of some of the free materials and articles on the site. A great place to start is the ‘ULTIMATE FREE GIFT’ described in the links above, by attending a live training or any of the other resources available, to get a feel of whether I’m right for you or your Real Estate team.

Look forward to hearing from you, or seeing you at an event sometime soon.

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